Bianco Toscana IGT “Lagrà” 2021 – Cantine Belmesseri

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The Cantine Belmesseri winery celebrates these grapes and this unique territory, reflecting its heritage in the choice of name and the location of the business itself. This renowned winery takes the name of the Lungiana poet Paolo Belmesseri, who extolled the beauties of Lunigiana in the 16th century.
In addition to the poet’s birthplace, the winery is home to an old mill with an olive press, all located near the Torrente Verde, in La Serra in Pontremoli.
This place is particular significance, and two of the property’s seven hectares are dedicated precisely to local heritage vines, arranged in terraces along the banks of the stream.
The specific features of these alluvial soils, the microclimate, abundance of water and humidity mean create a unique wine production area.
These conditions also make the winery sustainable, as insulation and thermal control take place in a completely natural way.
Belmesseri Bianco Lagrà IGT reflects Lungiana winemaking tradition by starting with its blend.
After crushing, the grapes undergo maceration on the skins for 5-6 days and spontaneous fermentation takes place in steel containers.
Aging takes place on noble lees for 6 months using the batonnage stirring technique.
The result is a wine with an intense yellow color that releases clear, complex aromas reminiscent of white flowers and tropical fruits.
This is a structured, savory wine, powerful and elegant on the palate with a lingering enveloping finish.




aperitif, raw fish


Durella, Arbarola, Verdarella, Vermentino

Alcohol content:




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