About us

About us

A family history

The history of the wine shop is inextricably linked to that of our family. It was the 1970s when the progenitor, Aldo Orlandini, opened a delicatessen in the centre of La Spezia, a Ligurian seaside town where the marina and port drew the boundaries. From the first fifty bottles, sold together with other foodstuffs, Aldo opened the wine shop proper, motivated by the increasing demand from customers and the success of the labels on offer. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to wine, specialising in rare and valuable names, also thanks to our relationship with some of our partner wineries, which offer us a rich selection from other countries, which is constantly updated.

Wine merchants by profession and passion

Our Identity

The unique characteristics of the different terroirs, the love for the raw material and the final product, have been essential impulses for our family’s desire to dedicate itself to wine full-time since 1982. We have refined our research more and more, to the point of identifying a network of producers and suppliers who, every year, guarantee us exceptional wines, both domestic and foreign. Rare labels to offer to our customer base of enthusiasts, who appreciate the quality and continuous innovation of our selection. This is precisely what differentiates us: maximum attention to customer requirements, careful selection of every single bottle on offer and a direct relationship with wine producers and suppliers.

The ecommerce of choice for wine lovers

Online sales

L’idea di aprire il negozio alla vendita di vino online e di inaugurare un ecommerce specializzato in vini d’eccellenza e spesso introvabili, è nata dal fascino che nutriamo verso le cantine e le loro tradizioni, dall’impegno e dalla pazienza di ogni bottiglia, dalla bellezza dei filari che a fine estate raggiungono il culmine della loro pienezza. We would like this to reach everyone, even the consumer who lives on the other side of the world but does not want to miss out on tasting a fine wine, carefully chosen and shipped in perfect condition. Taste after taste, we work every day to improve our range of red wines, white wines, champagnes and spirits: we are increasingly convinced that a correct proposal starts with correct experimentation and selection. Delivering your bottles with the speed of a click, wherever you are, offering you the chance to enjoy memorable organoleptic experiences, introducing you to the world behind each label… for us, this is the real added value of the online shop and it is our passion.

Our philosophy

Passion for research, careful selection to offer unique products, direct relationship with the winery, trust from our customers. These are the highlights of our philosophy, which we put into practice every time we taste the new vintages, which we select for you from the best labels. For us, this means being professional wine merchants!


We are a member of Vinarius, the Association of Italian Wine Shops, which since 1981 has been enhancing the value of the wine shop as a place where quality wine is traded and protecting the role of the wine shopkeeper as a professional and populariser.

We are a member of AEPI, the Associazione Enotecari Professionisti Italiani, which represents all professional wine merchants, a valuable category that can boast a high knowledge of the product, consumer preferences, and the restaurant and gastronomy sector.

We took part in and won the first competition to award the Best Wine Shopkeeper in Italy, bottle section, organised by AEPI in collaboration with Vinarius. We are members of AEPI, the Association of Professional Italian Wine Shopkeepers, which represents all professional wine shopkeepers, a valuable category that can boast a high level of knowledge of the product, consumer preferences, and the restaurant and gastronomy sector.

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