Longrow Peated Single Malt Whisky – Springbank

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Longrow Peated is a very interesting whisky.
Longrow Peated whisky is in a segment away from the peaty Islay whiskies. It releases a perceptible but never invasive peaty component that’s not overpowering, giving space for the other well-defined and structured aromatic components.
Its intensity is excellent and the product is well balanced.
Longrow Peated is a satisfying, engaging whisky that captivates.
Longrow is the “peated brother” to Springbank, a historic distillery in Campbeltown, with Longrow whiskies being characterized by their peatiness.
In production since 1973, it is in limited production and fewer than 100 casks are filled each year to create this whisky.
Longrow Peated is the base version, with no stated age.
Aging in ex-Bourbon barrels is reflected in the vanilla and cocoa aromas.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Opens with notes of peat and salted butter, all accompanied by spicy hints of black pepper. Citrus and lemon custard appear after a few moments.
Palate: peat is noticeable, but not particularly pronounced. The aromatic range consists of yellow fruit, vanilla and a mix of hot spices.
Finish: very prolonged. It evolves onto spices, peat, minerals, yellow fruit, hazelnut and herbs.





After dinner

Alcohol content:



70 cl

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