Caribbean Rum P.X. Cask Barrel 5+5 Year Old – Dos Maderas

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The finest Rums from Barbados and the Republic of Guyana are carefully selected and expertly blended, resulting in very distinctive organoleptic flavors. After an initial aging period of at least 5 years, performed in the Caribbean, the Rum is transferred to Williams & Humbert in Spain, where it ages for another 5 years in barrels that have previously contained the finest Sherry Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez. This is how Ron “Dos Maderas PX 5+5 Years Old” was born: it is a great distillate, not easily described in words. It is worth tasting.
The color is reminiscent of amber tones, with deep penetrating hues. On the nose it appears to possess hints of vanilla and fruit that predominate over everything. In the mouth it is warm and full, with flavors explicitly recalling raisins and dried figs. It is velvety, with a long and pleasant finish.




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