Bas Armagnac Laberdolive 2001 – Domaine de Jaurrey

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Domaine de Jaurrey’s Armagnac Laberdolive: Grapes are harvested by hand After pressing, the juices from the various grape varieties are assembled except for the Folle Blanche, which is distilled and aged separately Distillation is carried out in traditional Armagnacais stills heated strictly over wood to obtain spirits at 53°C.
The eaux-de-vie are left to mature in oak barrels made exclusively from the wood of trees grown on the property The stay in new wood lasts about 3 years Aging is then extended for long years in barrels.
Nuanced presence of tannins given by old oak wood, and the richness of ripe fruits.
Bottled in 2022 .




After dinner




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