Cognac X.O. “Pale & Dry” – Delamain

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The Delamain house has its deep roots in these privileged areas and constantly friendly relations with owner-distillers, and it has always secured its supplies from the best sources by taking special care in both aging and every detailed stage of Cognac production. All spirits mature for at least 20 years before being put on the market, and even the distilled water is subject to meticulous care and attention. It is mixed with “Vieilles faibles” (very old spirits that have lost much of their original alcohol content) many months before use, leading to the perfect “marriage” between the two components.
At Delamain, they ironically state with a smile, “To guarantee perfect quality, we are so crazy we even age water!”
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pale & Dry, Dominique Touteau, the Maître de Chais, reinterprets this iconic blend by intensifying its unique style and adapting how it is made.
Rich in fruity, fleshy aromas, the nose is tempered by delicate scents of herbs and flowers, as well as refined, savory spice. On the palate, it is full-bodied, intense and textural.




After dinner

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