Rum Agricolo 4 Y.O “Vieux ” Cask Strength Lustau Oloroso – Vaval & Casimir

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Clairins are the rums of Haiti, where there are 532 small artisanal distilleries scattered across the only Caribbean island that rebelled against slavery in 1804. Today, Haiti is one of the few countries to preserve purist traditions; with its native varieties of non-hybrid sugarcane, its chemical-free cultivation, its spontaneous fermentation without yeast, and its unfiltered archaic distillation.

The sugarcane is grown alongside other plant species such as bananas and mangoes and is left intact until harvest, which takes place 18 months after planting. Harvesting is done by hand, cutting with a saber (cane knife), and transportation to the distillery is done by oxcarts. During the harvest, the cut canes are transported by hand to the mill. There, they are placed between the rollers and pressed. The juice flows into a stone container and while another worker collects the juices from the other side of the mill, a human chain transports the pressed canes to a drying area. According to the rules for obtaining the “Triple A” designation, the protocol must be as follows: fermentation lasts at least 120 hours and distillation takes place in a maximum of 5 copper stills with plates in direct contact with the flame. Then the rum must be bottled as soon as it leaves the still and bottling takes place in Haiti.

Traditionally, Clairin has always been consumed young and unaged. This unique blend of Vieux Vaval (from the Arawaks distillery and the “Madame Meuze” sugarcane variety on the great Cavaillon terroir) and Vieux Casimir (from the Faubert Casimir distillery, from the great Baradères terroir) aged separately in ex-Oloroso Lustau sherry casks. It was bottled especially for Whisky Live Paris 2021.




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