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Amaro Camatti is the product that has made the Sangallo Cinque Terre Distillery famous, an amaro that immediately strikes for its balanced and expressive character. It is an ancient Genoese liqueur whose original recipe was created in 1924 by the Livorno chemist Umberto Briganti, who developed the liqueur with his brother Cesare in the Ligurian town of Recco, naming it in honor of his beloved wife, whose surname was Camatti.

The preparation of Amaro Camatti begins with the selection of flowers, herbs, and aromatic roots, which are infused according to a secret recipe that has been kept for generations and based on artisanal processes. These include almonds, gentian, cinchona, bitter orange, and mint. The maceration process is studied and adapted according to the characteristics of each botanical, and the infusion is then allowed to decant in stainless steel barrels or vats. This is followed by a filtration operation to remove any impurities. At this point, a syrup of water and sugar is added and the amaro is finally ready for bottling and subsequent marketing.

At first glance, Amaro Camatti has a bright amber color. The aromatic spectrum opens with intense bitter notes of cinchona and gentian, soon joined by sweet hints of amaretto and fresh aromas of orange peel. In the mouth, it is rich and dynamic at the same time, in balance between the softness of the body and the characteristic bitter sensations that accompany the persistent finish. An amaro to be enjoyed as a digestive after a meal or as an aperitif, on its own with a few ice cubes or in mixology to create innovative cocktails revisiting the great classics.

Winner of the 2023 World Liqueurs Awards international competition







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