Collio DOC Ribolla Gialla 2019 -Damijan Podversic

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Damijan Podversic’s Ribolla Gialla is unanimously one of Italy’s greatest white wines, an authoritative witness to an extraordinary area and a philosophy of thought. Damjian Podversic is one of the best wine interpreters in Italy, an unquestionable talent who, in spite of his younger age than many of his colleagues in the area, has been able to establish himself immediately through interpretations of adamantine purity. One great master, the legend Josko Gravner, who was able to mold Damjian’s forma mentis but without harnessing it, so much so that the liquids of the two winemakers have distinct and recognizable styles. Maceration on the skins, never invasive, and full ripeness of the grapes are some of the cornerstones on which Podversic’s viticulture is based, and his Ribolla in particular is an ode to the area that is hard to forget.




fish first and second courses, raw seafood


Ribolla Gialla 100%




0.75 lt


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