Champagne Extra Brut Vintage “Rive Gauche” 2018 – Bérêche et fils

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This Vintage Rive Gauche comes from a historic Champagne producer located in Ludes at the heart of the Montagne de Reims area. The Maison was founded in 1847 by Léon and Albert and is now led by the fifth generation of the Bérêche family, namely the young brothers Raphael and Vincent. Supported by 10 loyal employees, the brothers carry on a long tradition of sacrifice, passion, and hard work to continue producing great wines. The main Bérêche et Fils vineyards are located in the Premier Cru of Ludes and Ormes, in the Montagne de Reims area, while others extend along the Vallée de la Marne, subdivided into parcels. The vines are cultivated responsibly and sustainably, without systemic treatments, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, fully respecting the environment and its produce. In the winery, work is likewise undertaken as traditionally as possible, avoiding filtration and favoring slow, spontaneous fermentations, using oak barrels during vinification and favoring long lees maturation.
Rive Gauche Extra Brut is a pure Pinot Meunier with a 3 g/l dosage. Its color is so satisfying and relaxing, with a golden yellow shade and a rich, gentle but dense mousse. It takes you immediately into an autumn forest, made of scents of leaves, honey, toasted almonds, and then like a warm cashmere scarf, the palate is wrapped in the great finesse of slender, delicate bubbles, but bubbles that areso incredibly, amazingly deep. There are Champagnes and Champagnes. And then there are Bérêche Champagnes.




Seafood dishes


100% Pinot Meunier

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