Bourgogne Blanc “Les Sétilees” 2020 – Domaine Olivier Leflaive

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Domaine Olivier Leflaive is a true landmark in the production of Burgundy wines.
The first traces of the Lefaive family in Burgundy date back to Claude Lefaive, who settled in Place du Monument in Puligny-Montrachet in 1717. Since then, the Lefaive family has owned vineyards in Burgundy and Claude’s descendants (vignerons) have always been called Claude or Joseph. The estate’s history began with the Joseph born in 1870.
In 1981, after working as an artist in Paris, Olivier Lefaive returned to his roots in Burgundy and helped his uncle Vincent manage the family estate. In 1984, he created the Olivier Lefaive company in collaboration with his uncle and his brother Patrick. He is considered a pioneer in the region because he began buying grapes and musts to make wine himself. He then created the definition of “haute couture” winemaking.
Olivier Lefaive’s philosophy consists of making great wines with the utmost simplicity. However, a great wine is the result of painstaking work, from the vine to the cellar. For this, it is essential to maintain lasting relationships with rigorously selected winemakers. Expertise and experience in grape purchasing allows for total control over the winemaking and aging processes. As such, each cuvée benefits from an individual approach, maintaining the estate’s style while ensuring the authenticity of each terroir is fully respected.




First and second courses with fish


100% Chardonnay

Alcohol content:



75 cl


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