Amaro di Sicilia “Amara Caroni” Full Proof Single Cask Limited Edition – Rossa Agricola

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Amaro Amara was born from the meeting of a great Etna amaro from Sicilian blood oranges with the barrels in which the legendary Caroni rum has rested for decades. The 12-month stay in wood gives vanilla notes and increased roundness for a unique balance on the palate. There are only six 190-liter American oak barrels scrupulously kept inside a lava stone cellar at the foot of Mount Etna.

The project was born in 2020 with a minimal bottling, of only 386 bottles intended for personal reserve and a small number of lucky people. In contrast, the 2021 release had 1638 bottles and begins marketing. In contrast, the 2022 release has 3865 bottles







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