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Woven Experience No.8 is this company’s Peat Experience. A whisky made from peated Highland single malts matured in barrels selected by the Woven company to develop a smoky, intense and vibrant flavor.
Woven Whisky’s creative blending team is all about the drinking experience.
Forget all the dates, barrels, and ages – what they want to know when selecting components for a blend is whether the whisky tastes good and will have the desired impact.
Experience No.8 delves into the wonderful world of peaty whisky, exploring the more subtle, delicate nuances it offers, as opposed to the stronger bonfire vibes.
Combining portions of Highland single malt peat, aged in a variety of casks, a young and old grain whisky from Lowlands, and a blend of Campbeltown whiskies, this is an extremely well-crafted blend that should be a satisfying experience if you like your flavors slightly smoky.
How did that smoky elemental substance of Scotland define whisky so decisively and delightfully? Behind the bonfires and embers is a much more welcoming world of smoke.
This aroma profile recalls delicate incense and cotton candy, caramel apple and freshly poured coffee, dark chocolate and steaming bowls of lapsang souchong. This study of smokiness is about layers and murmurs.

It slowly and effortlessly evolves. Who would have thought that this humble Highland fuel could leave such a lasting impression just at the moment it is destroyed?
All this and other interesting information can be found in the small booklet attached to the bottle.
The counter label is beautiful and comprehensive, indicating the characteristics of this whisky experience.
Woven Experience No. 8 is a lab peat whisky for nerds and Scotch whisky super-fan enthusiasts.
Note the recycled cardboard packaging, reflecting the company’s attention to the nature around us and the preservation of the world.




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