Rosso Toscana IGT “Tafuri” 2020 – Cantine Belmesseri

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Belmesseri’s Rosso Tafuri is a Toscana Rosso IGT produced in La Serra, a few kilometers from Pontremoli in Lungiana, from an effective, original blend of grapes typical to the area.
The Cantine Belmesseri winery, whose name celebrates Paolo Belmesseri, one of the poets who best extolled Lungiana’s beauty, has dedicated two of its seven hectares to typical local grape varieties.
The decision to focus on native vines, laid out in terraces along the banks of the Torrente Verde stream, makes the Belmesseri winery a typical expression of the area’s originality. It is just these alluvial soils and the area’s specific microclimate that characterize and make the wines from this renowned winery unique.
Moreover, the winery is in fact totally sustainable, as the river provides water and humidity creating a natural thermal control supported by the mill buildings in old local stone.
This wine originates from a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and native Pollera grapes.
Belmesseri Rosso Tafuri IGT is produced using the classic red wine-making process with 30-day maceration, malolactic fermentation and finally aging initially in French oak barrels and then in the bottle for a few months.
The color is an intense ruby red and the spicy, fruity bouquet recalls currants and violets while the palate is balanced, firm and dry but at the same time fresh and dynamic.
Its blueberry and pepper notes, depth and long finish are appreciated on the palate.
The maturation process and wood aging make this wine a structured, intense red, significant and long-lived because of its noble tannic notes.




Meat, game or beef starters


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah

Alcohol content:




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