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Chartreuse VEP Verte is a 10-year aged liqueur produced by the Carthusian fathers of the Chartreuse Monastery in France. VEP Chartreuse is a truly unique product of incomparable aroma and finesse with a delicate flavor that has matured over the years. Carthusian fathers periodically take an extremely limited amount of Chartreuse Verte, which is then placed to age for about 10 years inside over 100-year-old oak barrels. When the Chartreuse fathers decide that the product has reached its full maturity, La Chartreuse VEP is bottled in special bottles, faithful replicas of those used until 1840. Each bottle is numbered and wax-sealed with the Chartreuse Monastery crest. Tasting: we recommend tasting fresh Chartreuse VEP
V.E.P stands for Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé




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