Costa Toscana IGT “Gorgona Bianco” 2022 – Marchesi Frescobaldi

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Gorgona Bianco 2022 – Costa Toscana Igt – Marchesi Frescobaldi

The Gorgona project was born in August 2012. Thanks to the collaboration between Frescobaldi and Gorgona, the only prison island in Europe, the process of recovering the old vineyards began.

Here, prisoners spend the last period of their sentence. Working in contact with nature to develop skills that will then facilitate their reintegration into the working and social reality.

The social project aims to allow prisoners to have a concrete and active experience in the field of viticulture, with the collaboration and supervision of Frescobaldi agronomists and winemakers. Today the vineyard has an extension of two hectares, one initial and a second planted in 2015.

From this vineyard of Vermentino and Ansonica, Gorgona is born. Fruit of the uniqueness of the place, of man’s work and a symbol of hope and freedom.

The Gorgona label wants to be every year the extraordinary edition of the island. Telling a different aspect every year. The Gorgona Bianco 2021 label celebrates the tenth harvest of this wine.

The 2021 vintage has produced a layered wine, full of flowers and white fruit, Maremma aromatics, beeswax and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth, it is dominated by salt and citrus fruits, reluctantly giving way to the soft sweetness of acacia and honeysuckle flowers in the finish.




fish dishes


Vermentino, Ansonico

Alcohol content:



0.75 l

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