Evian Natural Water PET in 24 bottles box 0,50 Liter – Evian

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Bottled directly at the source without undergoing any treatment by man, Evian natural mineral water flows from the source of Evian-les-Bains after a slow natural filtering process in an ancient glacier in the heart of the French Alps, through which it acquires a balance of minerals unique in the world.
Thanks to its beneficial effects on health, officially recognized by the French Academy of Medicine as early as 1878, its low sodium content and its unique oligomineral characteristics, its thirst-quenching and refreshing taste is suitable for any age and particularly suitable for mothers and children as it is extremely pure.
Perfect by nature, with its unique taste and perfectly balanced mineral content, Evian natural mineral water is bottled in a simple and modern bottle, appreciated and recommended by the best Chefs and Sommeliers and is available in the best Restaurants, Hotels and Night Clubs of the world

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