Champagne Premier Cru Brut “Clos de Bergeronneau” 2008 – Bergeronneau Marion

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The Florent Bergeronneau-Marion Champagne House is in the village of Ville Dommange, a well-known village in the Montagne de Reims area. This old village is typical of the Champagne region and the House can be traced back to the 14th century under the name of “Villa Dominica” meaning the lord’s farm quite literally, with the lord being none other than Louis I, King of France from 814 to 840. The village is also famous for its chapel dedicated to St. Lié, its patron saint. Ville Dommange is the home of the Bergeronneau family and is a traditional village nestled around its bell tower and surrounded by distinguished Champagne Premiers Crus Classified vineyards.
Bergeronneau Marion champagnes are pressed and made in the family winery, allowing constant control of their maturation under the watchful eye of Florent and Fabien. The Bergeronneau Marion touch pervades all of the family’s cuvées, whether the single-cru or single-vineyard or even the blended champagne.
Top wine from the Maison Bergeronneau is the Marion vintage. The style communicates an accurate, elegant product in a black presentation box with black lacquer seal and the cord that binds the cork and the cord cutters. This vintage is produced in Ville-Dommange, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims. “Clos” translates as “enclosed”, a term from the monastery era, denoted the enclosed plots of land with a wall to demarcate and protect them. Within the Clos de Bergeronneau the vineyard is a garden of 2.1 hectares with one quarter planted with Pinot Noir and three quarters with the old Pinot Meunier vines, giving us this magnificent, pure Meunier.

Warm and bright gold in color, it has complex, colorful sensory notes from the Meunier grape, ranging from yellow peach, candied fruit, chamomile, Mirabelle plum, spices and minerals. The palate is rich, pulpy and inviting, with notes of yellow fruit and sensations of aloe and a mineral finish. Residual sugar is 6-7 g/l, which is rare for Meunier champagnes – a gem to be tasted.
Soil type: Carbonate clay and rock.

Residual sugar: 6-7 g/l
Disgorgement: June 2022




Seafood dishes


Chardonnay 10%, Pinot Noir 30%, Pinot Meunier 60%

Alcohol content:




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