Champagne Brut Nature “Les Semblables Austral” 2019 – Clandestin

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The recent, exciting joint project to start the Clandestin winery was the brainchild of Benoit Doussot (very young Burgundian talent) and Bertrand Gautherot (founder and owner of Vouette et Sorbeé). Critical to this journey is the enhancement of north- and west-facing plots, which had traditionally been neglected, as they are colder and hidden in Côte de Bar. While producers look for vineyards in the south, east, and southeast where ripening is faster, Bertrand and Benoit are deeply convinced that fruit’s acidity and complexity are achieved with slower, longer ripening.
In addition to their ingenious technical vision, the pair have initiated a virtuous circle by involving winemakers around Buxières in more careful vineyard management, sharply raising the bar on quality requirements, namely low yields, vineyard age > 20 years and Organic certification. In return, they secure a long-term agreement to purchase grapes at much more satisfactory prices.
Indigenous yeasts, fermentation and aging in 350- and 600-liter barrels, no clarification, no dosage.




Seafood dishes


100% Pinot Noir

Alcohol content:




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