Whisky Single Malt “Ardmore” 2010 – Wilson & Morgan

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The Ardmore distillery produces a very peaty malt, so different in style from the coastal ones. this Wilson & Morgan Ardmore 2010-20 cask stregth shakes hands with two worlds; Speyside’s delicate malt is left to rest in barrels that previously contained equally smoky whisky from an Islay distillery. Speyside whiskey obviously still dominates with its typical notes of toffee, bananas, lemon zest and apples well evident, leaving the finish to the notes of peat. There is also a typical note of the distillery of this distillery, namely a touch of moist earth and notes of pine. On the nose and palate there is something more: a slightly drier character, a breath of salty maritime influence. The use of second filling barrels allows the distillate to remain clean and to express itself boldly without too much influence of oak. The result is powerful, intense and at the same time refined.




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