Colomba Citrus Symphony 500gr. – Sal De Riso

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Colomba Sal de Riso al gusto Sinfonia di Agrumi:
Stuffed with yellow peaches, strawberries, wild strawberries and custard scented with orange blossoms.

Handmade naturally leavened oven product.

Soft leavened dough without cubes of candied oranges and almond glaze.

Ingredients: wheat flour type 0 and 00, fresh butter (13.50%), fresh pasteurized egg yolks (11.30%), water, sugar, natural yeast (gluten), Italian acacia honey, sea salt, milk powder, barley malt, vanilla beans powder from the Bourbon Islands and Tahiti.

Filling: orange blossom scented custard (27.30%) (glucose syrup, water, sugar, dextrose, skimmed milk powder, alcoholic food flavoring orange blossom flowers (1.20%), pasteurized fresh egg yolks, vanilla beans from Bourbon and Tahiti, pectin), candied yellow peaches (12.70%) (peaches, glucose-fructose syrup, sucrose, acidifier: citric acid E330, potassium sorbate), candied strawberries and wild strawberries (11.10%) (strawberries, wild strawberries, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, acidifier: citric acid).
Covering: white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), orange blossom scented custard, alcoholic food flavor orange blossoms.

Allergens: may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, lupins and
sesame. It contains gluten, milk, eggs, barley and soy.
Highlighted ingredients may cause reactions in people
allergic or intolerant.

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